Strafford County Town Committees

The Strafford County Democratic Committee serves every town in the county: Dover, Durham, Madbury, Barrington, Rollinsford, Rochester, Farmington, Milton, Middleton, Lee, New Durham, Somersworth, and Strafford.

Of these thirteen towns, eleven have formed local Democratic Committees. Madbury and Middleton currently have no committee. Select your town to learn about the your local committee!

Barrington Democrats


Chair: Pat Gingrich
Vice Chair: Karolina Bodner
Treasurer: Hope Fridy
Secretary: Jack Gale

Meetings: Second Wednesday of every month (except December) 7 PM on Zoom. If you want the link to our Zoom meeting, email [email protected]

Dover Democrats

Twitter: @DoverNHDems
Instagram: @DoverNHDems
Facebook: @DoverDemocrats

Co-Chair: Phil Hatcher
Co-Chair: Nancy Vawter
Treasurer: Robert Hinkel
Secretary: Jodi Langellotti

Meetings: Executive Committee meets first Tuesdays of the month at 7pm. Regular monthly meetings are now on second Tuesdays of the month at 7pm via Zoom and in-person. Email [email protected] to receive the Zoom link, or to register for in-person attendance.

Durham Democrats


Chair: Susan Roman
Vice Chair: Timothy Horrigan
Treasurer: John Caulfield
Secretary: Lisa Canfield

Meetings: TBA

Farmington Democrats

Twitter: @frmngtnnhdems

Chair: Stan Freeda
Vice Chair: Gary White
Treasurer: Richard Ballou
Secretary: Deb Reed
Delegate At Large: Manny Krasner
Delegate At Large: KatieMae White

Meetings: Second Thursday of each month (together with Milton)

Lee Democrats
Email: [email protected]

Chair: Amanda Gourgue
Vice Chair: James Lonano
Treasurer: Eric Johnson

Meetings: The Lee Democratic Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are virtual.

Milton Democrats

Twitter: @miltondemocrats

Chair: Larry Brown, Acting Chair
Vice Chair: tbd
Treasurer: Peg Hurd
Secretary: Claire Williams

Meetings: Second Thursday of each month (together with Farmington)

New Durham Democrats
Twitter: @NewDurhamDems
Facebook: @newdurhamdemocrats

Chair: Polly Wessel
Vice Chair: Elaine Laurie
Secretary: David Wessel
Treasurer: Lorrie Drake
Delegate: Alicia Hernandez

Meetings: Second Monday of each month

Rochester Democrats

Twitter: @RochesterNHDems

Chair: Chris Rice
Vice Chair: Laura Hainey
Treasurer: Ashley Motta
Secretary: Christine Housell

Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of the month @ 6pm

Rollinsford Democrats


Co-Chair: Lorraine Hansen
Co-Chair: Salme Perry
Treasurer: Deanna Rollo
Secretary: Sue Nastasi

Meetings: Third Sunday of each month (TBA)

Somersworth Democrats

Twitter: @SomersworthDems

Chair: David Holt
Vice Chair: Gerri Cannon
Treasurer: Cathy Swain
Secretary: Patty Cotton

Meetings: Third Thursday of each month @ 6PM

Town of Strafford Democrats


Chair: Elizabeth Callahan
Vice Chair: Sharon Omand
Treasurer: Carol Perry
Secretary: Irene Grand

Meetings: First Tuesday of each month @ 7PM