How NH Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut used his office in the culture war

New Hampshire Public Radio | By Sarah Gibson,   Chris Haxel, APM Reports Published April 22, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT   Frank Edelblut pledged to stay “nonpartisan.” But… Read more »

2024 Coordinated Campaign Office Opening!

A fabulous opening for the Rochester Coordinated Campaign office here in Rochester this afternoon with host Rochester Democratic Committee Chair Peg Higgins and 50 in attendance!… Read more »

Strafford County Democratic Committee – Special Caucus

All registered Democrats in Strafford County are invited to attend a special caucus to elect 4 candidates to our Executive Committee on Wednesday, March 27th at… Read more »

WaPo – The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason.

This again confirms what we have always known, that immigrants have make our country the economic engine of the world. Stop MAGA from lying that immigrants… Read more »

You want border security? OK so do your job for which you were elected to instead of playing political games.

The White House @WhiteHouse House Republicans have spent years saying they want to secure the border. President Biden had a deal with a bipartisan group of… Read more »

We need to spend our tax dollars to support Granite Staters who need it.

Corinne Morse @CorinneNHRep · Feb 14 We’re cutting programs that actually support taxpayers in the state because you say we can’t afford it but you’ll request… Read more »

Mocking those who serve in our military

Joe Biden@JoeBiden · Feb 11 The answer is that Major Haley is abroad, serving his country right now. We know he thinks our troops are “suckers,”… Read more »

House Republicans waived Finance Committee review of voucher expansion to hide growing taxpayer cost.

NH House Democrats @NHHouseDems · Feb 9 Head in the Sand – @NHGOP Hiding Financial Cost of School Voucher Expansion From The Public To circumvent their claim… Read more »

Sununu should support the bipartisan bill on border security instead of spending $1 million of our tax dollars

Becky Whitley @BeckyWhitleyNH · Feb 14 Why doesn’t @GovChrisSununu focus instead on NH solutions to NH problems, like food insecurity, workforce shortages, and access to childcare… Read more »

USA Today: Economy is good, so now the border is all the GOP can talk about

By Rex Huppke, USA TODAY “A message to all Americans, from the Republican Party: Hello citizens of this amazing nation that President Joe Biden has singlehandedly… Read more »

WaPo: Falling inflation, rising growth give U.S. the world’s best recovery

Republicans are counting on the economy to get worse in order to support their claim that this country’s future is bleak… but the data says otherwise… Read more »

ACTION REQUESTED: Sign in to OPPOSE four voucher expansion bills being heard on Wednesday, January 17th in the House Education Committee.

From NEA – New Hampshire. January 12, 2024  in Legislative Action (updated on January 12, 2024) There are several bills being heard in the House Education Committee this week that… Read more »