Ever wonder, “What can I do?” Here’s your answer!
Each of the following organizations were created to help citizens take action and be heard!

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Rights & Democracy

Rights & Democracy is part of several national coalitions and networks including The Center for Popular Democracy and People’s Action. They work to connect and empower citizens through information, networking, and action opportunities. The Rights & Democracy New Hampshire website includes legislative alerts and news items as well as information on RadNH campaigns, events, and volunteer opportunities.

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League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters New Hampshire website is an incredible resource for legislative information and action opportunities. Their website is extremely well organized and includes an entire page dedicated to current issues and action items.

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Open Democracy Action

Open Democracy Action’s mission is to bring about and safeguard democracy for the people of New Hampshire through an open, accountable, and trustworthy government of, by, and for the people. A government that is free of the corrupting influence of big-money politics and control. Their website is very action oriented and includes many action items and volunteer opportunities, including an Action of the Week, that suggests a simple, but powerful action that you can take on a current matter.

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Kent Street Coalition

Is there an issue that you are particularly interested in? Check out the Kent Street Coalition! This grassroots organization works to connect like-minded New Hampshire residents into working groups. Kent Street Coalition was built on the premise that activism is most effective and sustainable when shared by a dedicated group of neighbors and friends who hold common values and objectives.

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