The SCDC Executive Committee

The Strafford County Democrats have an executive committee consisting of twelve members. We meet on the fourth Monday of each month at various locales throughout the county.

Chair: Walter King (Dover)
Vice-Chair: Sherry Frost (Dover)
Secretary: Pat Gingrich (Barrington)
Treasurer: Ashley Motta (Rochester)

At-Large Delegates:
Michael Gallipo (Rochester)
Heath Howard (Strafford)
Manny Krasner (Farmington)
Sue Mayer (Lee)
Taylor Poro (Rochester)
Gene Porter (Rochester)
David Wessel (New Durham)
Robert Hinkel (Dover)

A Zoom photo of everyone after the election!
A Zoom photo of everyone after the election!

Most of the towns of Strafford County have also formed their own Democratic committees to serve local residents. Visit our Town Committee page to learn about the individual Town Democratic Committees.