New Hampshire is the 10th worst state for business – Thanks Governor Sununu!

   July 24, 2023

NH has slipped from the 15th worst to the 10th worst in the country (rank of 40 out of 50 States) in one year from 2022 to 2023. Don’t believe Sununu’s and the Republican’s falsehoods that we are the envy of the other States and everyone wants to move here. NH scored in the bottom half in 7 of 10 categories and a D Grade in 6 of the 10 categories.

Shameful, particularly in infrastructure and the State’s economy which showed GDP growth (Q1 2023)of 1.30%.  The ratings were based on how effectively they are delivering on the factors that matter most to business each year. This year’s heaviest-weighted category is Workforce (D+), followed by Infrastructure (D-), Economy (D), and Life, Health & Inclusion (B-).

Great job Gov!