At-large delegate vacancy on the SCDC Executive Committee

   July 24, 2022

One at-large delegate vacancy is available on the SCDC Executive Committee. We encourage Democrats in Strafford County to submit their names.

The powers and duties of the County Democratic Executive Committee are: (per the NHDP Constitution):

  1. Conduct the business of the County Committee between regular meetings of the County Committee;
  2. Establish and encourage active city and town committees, to review and approve bylaws adopted by such committees, and to approve the appointment by the County Chair of officers of local committees lacking local selection of those officers;
  3. Maintain up-to-date lists of volunteers, and contributors in each city and town, which will be available to any Democratic candidate;
  4. Hold at least ten (10) meetings per year and to notify its membership of such meetings;
  5. Recruit and support Democratic candidates for office, especially those running for County offices;
  6. Fill vacancies on the Democratic ballot before and after primary elections according to New Hampshire law;
  7. Support actively the Democratic nominees in each election;
  8. Raise sufficient funds to maintain these activities;
  9. Prepare and propose bylaws and amendments for adoption by the County Committee;
  10. Appoint a Chair of a Local Committee if, after due notice and a meeting held for the election of Local Officers, the Local Committee failed to elect a Chair for 45 days until a new election is held;
  11. Remain neutral in the Party’s primary contests and in all elections, including nonpartisan municipal elections, where two or more registered Democrats are competing for the same office. This does not preclude the recruitment of qualified candidates to fill positions on primary ballots, nor does it prohibit members of the Committee from individually endorsing candidates in such elections.

Contact SCDC to submit your name.