The Milton Ballot

State Candidates

Governor: Molly Kelly
US Representative: Chris Pappas

County Candidates

Sheriff:  Dave Dubois
County Attorney:  Tom Velardi
Treasurer: Pamela J. Arnold
Register of Deeds:  Catherine Berube
Register of Probate: Cynthia Page Sweeney
County Commissioners: Deanna Rollo, George Maglaras, and Bob Watson

Where do I vote?

NH Find your polling place
The State of New Hampshire has a simple search tool to help you find your polling place. All you need is your address.
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NH Executive Council

cryansMike Cryans
Mike Cryans was born and raised in Littleton, New Hampshire, and he’s the real deal when it comes to his dedication to people and his commitment to public service. Mike has served the people of Grafton County for 18 years as County Commissioner. His focus has been growing the economy, protecting taxpayers, and strengthening the Middle Class – the same priorities he will take with him to the Executive Council.
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NH Senate

Christopher T. Meier
Chris and his family live in Conway, New Hampshire. Chris is a lawyer and partner with Cooper Cargill Chant, the largest law firm in the North Country. As a lawyer, Chris has spent his career helping individuals and businesses navigate the administrative and judicial processes in New Hampshire. He has seen both how government can work to foster business and economic growth and how the process can be improved. Meier has advocated for clients in courtrooms across the country and looks forward to bringing those advocacy skills to bear for the Third District.
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NH House of Representatives

Larry Brown
A Message from Candidate Larry Brown: I’m four generations out from Farmer Brown in Amherst. I owe New Hampshire for the opportunities I have been given, and I owe my grandchildren – and yours – no less opportunity, no fewer rights in their lives than I have today. I see it as a debt to pay back and an opportunity to pay forward.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve served on a dozen community boards and three terms as a State Representative. I support and vote for LCHIP for our NH history – Mental Health funding for treatment and recovery – Health care coverage and full service access for women – Fair wages, child care and sick leave for working families – Public Education, K -16, to build job skills and keep our democratic heritage strong. I strongly believe in full access democracy for all the citizens of our state.