Democrats are Stepping Up for 2022

The 2022 midterm elections are just around the corner, and candidates are filing to run all across the county. We’ll be adding to this gallery throughout the filing period so we can celebrate these citizens stepping up to protect the American ideals of democracy, human rights, and freedom of choice!

NH Senate Candidates

District 4: Senator David Watters | District 6: Ruth Larson

Executive Council District 1

Mayor Dana Hilliard

House District 1 [Farmington]

Emmanuel (Manny) Krasner & Dorinda Howard

House District 2 [Milton/Rochester]

Pamela Hubbard [Rochester], Larry Brown [Milton], Marilyn Foster[ Rochester]

House District 3 [New Durham/Middleton]

David Wessel

House District 4 [Barrington/Strafford]
House District 18 [Strafford/Barrington/New Durham/Middleton]

Rep Cassandra Levesque, Matt Towne, Jackie Cilley, Heath Howard

House District 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 [Rochester]

Kathleen Cavalaro, Rep Chuck Grassie,  Patricia Turner, Mark Sorenson, Nevin Dexter

House District 10 [Durham]
House District 20 [Dover/Durham/Lee/Madbury]

Rep Cam Kenney, Loren Selig, Rep Margaret Smith, Rep Tim Horrigan, Al Howland

House District 11 [Dover/Lee/Madbury]

Rep Tom Southworth, Rep Janet Wall, Roger Menear

House District 12 [Rollinsford/Somersworth]

Rep Gerri Cannon, Rep Ken Vincent, Rep Cecilia, Rich Jeff Rich

House District 13, 14, 15, 16 17 [Dover]

Rep Peter Bixby, Rep Peter Schmidt, Bill Conlin, Gail Pare, Jessica LaMontagne

House District 18 [Barrington, Middleton, New Durham, Strafford]

Jackie Cilley

House District 19 [Rochester]

Jerry Minihan, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Seph Warren, David Herman

House District 20 [Dover Ward 4, Durham, Lee, Madbury]

Allan Howland

House District 21 [Dover]

Rep Susan Treleaven, Luz Bay, Nate Stewart, Geoffrey Smith